Thursday, June 15, 2017

What to do to have an Effective Heartfelt Video Ad

The industry of digital marketing in Philippines has been an effective tool of advertising a business’ or person’s brand, products and services. Be it social media marketing or the other technical matters like SEO and PPC; we know that digital marketing is something or rather “the thing.” 

If you’d notice, both in digital and traditional marketing, video ads today have a different trip – that is to make the human out of you. Companies or groups usually release these type of video advertisements concerning a particular event like Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s, Christmas, just to name some of which. 

An example of that is Jollibee’s Valentine special series (Vow, Crush, Date). If you didn’t shed any tear, you know that it silently pained you somewhere inside. Some of the stories just hit you right in your heart, but even if it doesn’t relate to you in any way, there is just something that made you feel and think that that is heartfelt.

So what does it take for an ad to be genuine and compelling?

Have a theme that is relevant 

You should have a theme that is relevant, and it’s not just about the upcoming holidays. It could be something about the reality of life the minority sectors face, or we need to endure. How about having a theme that is pertaining to escaping the harsh realities life is throwing at us? Almost all theme are doable, you just also need to have the other points as well like the next one:

The storyline should be easy to understand (but with a twist!)

Given that your competitors or other groups will also release a video ad probably revolving around the same theme as yours, your storyline is what will make it unique. As much as possible, it should be easy to grasp without comprising its quality. It’s better if you were able to make your audience think beyond what you’ve shown them. 

Aside from giving them the feels and triggering their thoughts, make a good plot twist. However, plot twists are quite overrated already so the one you are thinking of should be unique and unforeseen.

Connect with your target audience

In every publicity materials we release, we should be able to identify which group or sector of the society we are trying to reach out to. Pointing this out will help you narrow down your ideas and plans. The video ad may not be directly about them, but it is something that speaks to them. 

Obviously, great graphics and sounds – photography, cinematography, and music

The technical aspects of video ads are as important as your storyline. We know how short the attention span of people is and not all will spare some of their time in a video ad especially if it is not aesthetically appealing. Your musical scoring should also be great. Remember that what we hear is one of the major factors of what we feel. Try to watch a horror movie and mute the volume then play a different song that is not fit to the genre. You won’t feel scared or shocked with the scenes that will make you jump if it’s not on mute.

Don’t forget that at the end of the day, you aim to market your brand

You just don’t want to make people feel every all feels you want them to feel. Use this marketing strategy in a good way people will remember your name. Like what they say, some people may forget what you did to or for them but not how you make them feel.

There you go! If you think there are other factors we should take a look into, share your thoughts.

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