Monday, January 9, 2017

Indoor Office Activities You Can do to Invite Creativity!

Ah, creativity – that elusive genius a lot of people wish to have, but something that seems to be mutable and hard to find.

For creative industries such as a web design company in the Philippines, the need to be on top of their game by keeping the motivation and creative ideas up is a must. Unfortunately, there are times when few feel stuck in a rut and just don't have the necessary push to make a brilliant output.

If you find yourself in such situation, do take time to step back and do any of the following.

Stretching or indoor walking

Our brain needs oxygen to fully function so it's only imperative that you make sure you breathe enough oxygen to make your mentality strong and focused all throughout the day. Good thing is, you don't have to go outside every time you want to have a short walk or keep your body warmed up by moving.

Even while staying inside your office, you could do some basic stretching to reduce the tension you feel on your shoulders, waste, legs and upper back. If you have enough space, you could walk around while stretching your fingers too!

Grabbing a cup of coffee, a snack or bottled water from your cafeteria could also help the blood running in your system and will help you breathe better.

Sketching or doodling

One doesn't have to be skilled in drawing for him to doodle. All you need is a blank sheet and pen or pencil to start sketching. If you want, you could also listen to music while randomly doodling anything.

If you're particularly skilled in drawing, then creating artworks on paper as means to relax is a good way to go. Putting images on blank sheets is not only an efficient way to free your mind but is also a good way to inspire creativity. Who knows, your random doodle or sketch might just give you the next best idea you need for the project you're working on.

Listening to inspirational podcasts or videos

This is perhaps one of the favorite go-to indoor activity by many office workers who are often hunched in front of their desks , facing the computer. If you feel your creativity leaving you, then a good way to pull it back would be to listen to inspirational talks online.

Today, you can already find podcasts, vlogs and even websites specifically featuring talks by authority personnel on different fields.

TED Talks, for instance, is a very good example. Search for topics you wish to hear online and see what is available.

Redesigning your office's 'Idea Board'

Not all offices have this, but if yours do, then redesigning it might be an effective way to boost your creativity. Idea boards are usually the place where you pin important notices, announcements and even task designation per team member.

A good way to go about with the redesign is to add colors on the board. You can rearrange the notices per category or transfer short notes on colored post-its. If you have a colleague who is not doing anything, you can also invite him or her to help you out.

Brainstorming with colleagues

Last but not the least, spend some time brainstorming with your coworkers. One of the reasons why a lot of people in a typical working space end up not burn out and uninspired on what they are doing is the lack of communication.

A good way to get ideas is to talk to people in the same industry. And who else can you tap but your teammate who is on the same project as you. While chatting at work might be discouraged by a lot of companies, it wouldn't hurt if you spend 5 to 10 minutes of break asking your colleague about his or her input on a certain topic.

Creativity is, indeed, elusive. But there are ways on how you could call upon it. Try some of the methods we have here one of these days and see how well it works!  

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