Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Proliferation of Live Video Content and What it Means for Marketing

We're long past the time when information takes so much time to spread or be delivered around the globe. Now, anyone who have access to the internet could literally view what's going on from the opposite side of the planet, real-time.

The ease of information dissemination has evolved from writing those written blog posts and journals to sharing images and just lately, live videos.

Decades ago, creating videos take time and money, which is exactly why they don't often fall on the first options of startup and small businesses. But social media drastically changed it.

Now, anyone can go live on Facebook or Twitter free of charge! You don't even need to spend too much time doing edits just to become a hit in social media. We've seen its effect on the viral videos that are spreading like wildfire across the web.

Timeliness and relevance has now become a priority in video production. The more timely is your content, the higher the chances of attracting the attention of your target market.

Increase usage of Facebook Live and Periscope

Before, producing video ads need a long time of planning and a greater degree of editing before one decides to upload the final product on Youtube. Now, anyone can simply use Facebook Live of Periscope on Twitter to go live and show the current event they are holding.

With these platform's wide viewership, companies and private individuals now have better chances of getting noticed. For marketers, this does not only mean pre-scheduling post at regular intervals but being live when relevant activities happen.

Shift to video type of blog posts

Written content will continue to thrive. It's basically the foundation of all other content types. However, experts see a drastic increase of vlogs that replace the normally long posts to make it more concise in spoken format.

Videos are now seen as more relevant because people are shifting their choice of content to something they can see. It's no longer enough to write a very compelling article without matching images or videos in between.

Plus, with more people browsing online content while on-the-go, watching and listening to videos becomes more convenient than reading plain text.

Concise and spot on messaging fit for a typical 30-second video

One common assumption by new digital marketers is that, since videos have shorter lengths, they are also easier and faster to create. Experience has taught a lot of online marketers that this isn't the case.

With the short duration of its presentation comes the bigger challenge in making sure that the information presented every second solidifies the branding or message you wish to convey to your viewers.

From the animation, transition and even text insertions in between, everything needs to be planned out carefully. Otherwise, you won't be able to maximize the advantage of fast, accurate and engaging messaging that videos are meant for.

Better storytelling

Same as with the tight messaging, creating videos demands crafty storytelling. People relate better to posts that tell a story rather than those hardcore selling ads intended to put a product or service in the spotlight.

However, stories put on videos will only have more impact when they are presented well. This is where messaging and planning comes into play. The better the story, the bigger the chances of tugging into the emotions of the viewers.

Putting out a live feed of your company events or product launching is an efficient way to grab the attention of your target market. But make sure you put out a captivating message to accompany the animation and videos. Should you need to ask the help of professionals, those working for digital marketing services in the Philippines have you covered.

Be timely, stay connected and engage with your viewers more effectively!

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