Monday, August 1, 2016

Four Ways to Discover Whether Your Audience is Bored With Your Content

Content marketing can get pretty challenging.

Anyone in link building services would tell you that. Regardless of how long you have been in the business, it remains as a fact that your audience is a diverse set of individuals who has a varied set of tastes. And no matter how experienced you are in this field of business, it is an uncontested reality that the audience of your content can be some of the most exacting people on the planet. Not exactly in the literal sense, but in a figurative one wherein if you no longer produce riveting content, you no longer have their complete apt attention.

And with the competition so rigid, you cannot afford to lose even just a handful of these audiences.  However, there are ways of telling whether or not your audience is getting bored with your content and when they are, it is high time you do something about it.

1.)  You get few comments to no comments at all 

Take a gander at the social media posts, guest posts, blog posts, etc. you have done over time, are you getting any reaction at all? Are these responses consistent? Seeing how many comments you get in a single post is a cardinal sign that your post is being read. If there is little to no signs of comments in your post, then that is a warning sign. The comments in your post would serve as the barometer of how much attention your posts are getting and if there are no comments at all, that might be a sign for you to change things up.

2.)  Your content is not getting socially shared 

One very informative metric in content marketing is social shares. One look at the number of likes, tweets, shares would serve as a test how your content was received by your audience (whether favorably or unfavorably). Realistically, though, each content you write would not exactly get impressive amounts of shares and likes, but if your content is not getting any sort of attention at all, it could be an indicator that your audience is bored of your content. Your readers are not captivated by your content, and if you want to hold their attention, you better figure out a good content strategy.

3.)  You have low Twitter engagement 

It is not exactly possible to gauge what your exact engagement level is on all social media platforms, but Twitter makes it exceptionally easy. For you to get an accurate grasp of your engagement levels, try Twitter Analytics and compare the number of impressions, your content has received with the number of engagements. This would invariably include link clicks, favorites, retweets, etc. In addition to that, it has a lot of features which are incredibly nifty such as telling you your top tweet, your profile visits, your top mentions and so on. This feature allows you to get a broader perspective of who is engaging with you which you can use to your advantage.  When you are provided this much data, it helps you appropriately create content for the audience who is engaging with you.

4.)  Your unfollow rate is increasing 

If you are noticing a rather steady decline in your followers or perhaps a steady incline of your unfollowing rate, then this is a sign that something is wrong. If you get more unfollows with each update rather than follows, then it is a clear indication that your audience no longer wants any updates from you. Social media savvy individuals are incredibly meticulous on what they see in their feeds, and if they have unfollowed you, it means that you no longer hold their interest. There are free tools which could assist you in finding out how many followers you used to have before they dropped out and who they are which can be used on a variety of social media platforms. Ufollowerstats will give you a detailed report on who is currently following you, who has unfollowed you, etc. on Twitter.

If your content is no longer engaging, perhaps it is high time to change something up in your content strategy. Remember, if you are not writing any stimulating content, you are not helping your brand grow.

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