Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tips for Guest Blogging

“With guest posting, you should absolutely try your hardest to write something where people demand you come back…” –Tommy Walker

If you are an online digital marketer that would specialize in link building services, then you should know by now that guest blogging is an important aspect in search engine optimization. This is just one of the many ways you can generate more traffic for your website. However, as this is a common way to increase traffic, many digital marketers are similarly exploiting it as this is the case, there is a stiff competition for having your guest blog post approved and posted online. So, to give you an edge over your competitors and to ensure that your guest blog post is considered, approved and posted, here are some of the tips you can utilize to get a much higher approval rate for your guest blog submissions.

1.)    Write original and fresh content 

Writing gripping and compelling content with novel ideas is a crucial element when it comes to writing blog posts. But it is even more imperative when you are pitching your content for someone else to publish. Blog sites may differ in terms and conditions, but they all have a common rule which is to submit original and fresh content. Write and submit content that is both gripping and relevant to your readers as this will heighten your chances of getting your guest post approved.

2.)    Communicate with the guest blog site moderator 

Your chances of getting your guest blog accepted are enhanced when you have communicated with the guest blog site moderator and suggest to them of what you are going to write. Give them an insight into your topic and provide a title in order to impress them. Letting them know what they can expect from your guest post as well as how relevant your post would be to their readers would definitely increase your chances of getting your proposal accepted.

3.)    Read and follow the guest blog site instructions strictly

These websites have set their own terms and conditions for a reason and if you want to have your guest blog post approved then it would do you well if you followed them. These are the guidelines you ought to follow when you are writing your blog so you have to make sure that you would ready and follow them as accurately as you can. Stick to their guidelines and your chances of having your guest blog post approved will be relatively higher.

4.)    Drop the sales talk 

Blatantly advertising your business on your guest post is disrespectful to the owner of the guest blog site. Guest blog sites are not avenues for direct advertising your business and doing so is a very big NO amongst these sites. However, this does not mean to say that you should drop off advertising altogether-- do it in such a way that is not so palpably obvious and direct. Be discreet and subtle about it by indirectly promoting your website through your author biography or using an anchor text in your content body if it is allowed. Practice good etiquette by dropping the sales talk in your content in order to boost your chances of getting your guest blog post approved.

5.)    Love what you do 

Perhaps the most straightforward tip you can do and probably the easiest tip to accomplish. It is no question that when you love what you do, you would generate better and stellar results. Similarly, with guest blog posting when your passion is shown through the way you write your content, you will be very pleasantly surprised at how well you have done and how spontaneous the flow of your content is which gives your content more value and an edge over your competitors. So, the next time you pitch in a guest blog post, do not write for the sake of writing but write from your heart—your submissions will readily be accepted and posted when you do so.

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