Wednesday, June 1, 2016

5 Top Dominators of the Digital Age (Sorry, Content – You’re Last)

Content is king.

That was decades ago before social media giants like Facebook and free blogging platforms like Tumblr exist.

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Today, content still stands as an important factor in digital marketing. However, it no longer wears the crown of kingship that it enjoyed years ago. If before all strategies and campaigns kneel down before the ‘king,’ now it’s different.  

Previous members of the royal house have gained too much popularity and support over the years that now they have stolen the lead from the ruler.

Today, the power of the digital age is no longer centralized in one superpower but FIVE. Let’s have a quick look.

User Experience

The online marketing battle is no longer just about producing lengthy and informative content for readers. With the apparent influx of information across all news, entertainment and blogging platforms, reading or listening to everything has proven to be impossible. There’s just too much information and too little time for us to process them all.

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Information spread like wildfire, and the winner is the platform that gives people the best user experience for the information they need. Is the site navigation easy? Are the categories highly comprehensible? Do the pages load quickly with a tap?

The better the user experience, the higher the subscription percentage.


Before, it’s all about finding something new. Winning the market is about being unique and fresh and likable to the people. Same truth still holds at present.

BUT, there’s a shorter, easier option – CURATION.

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Today, marketer and bloggers don’t have to always toil over researching for days just to create two to three-thousand word informative posts for their site, every week.  With curation, one can create knockout posts by using quality existing content from other site and placing his own short inputs about it.

There is no need to fret about not having enough material to write about. The win goes for those who know how to dig out golden posts from around the web and introduce it with a concise, spot-on copy.


Years ago, one doesn’t get to read quality content without having to pay for it. Today is different. Anyone can provide information they want about something completely free of charge.

In other words, between a provider who offers good content for free and that who requires some payment, people will mostly likely go for the former.  Digital marketers will need to devise a new strategy to earn other than the write ups they produce.

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The basic premise is that, your content is only as good as the target market it reaches and the number of those who subscribe to what you offer. Now that web browsing has proliferated across different devices, info providers would need to consider the overall accessibility of their goods.

Apart from the readability in desktop format, can the data also be accessible on mobile? More flexibility in access opens the doors to more followers, thus, more opportunities for product or service promotion.


Nothing can take content out of the full picture when it comes to digital marketing. But it’s important to have a clear understanding on what exactly does this content cover in today’s trend. The following are the most common ones employed in marketing:

  • ·         Web articles
  • ·         Infographics
  • ·         Video animation
  • ·         Digital posters and brochures
  • ·         Social  media updates

Everything you share with the public is content. But as to whether or not they are good or just a part of the mainstream digital noise flooding the online system depends mainly on how you satisfy the other four factors we have on this list.

Decades ago, trends could last for years. Now they come in and out in a snap. The remarkable change in speed poses a great challenge for all digital marketing company Philippines who are in competition with global information providers.

The next time you find your content not selling enough, ask yourself one question, ‘Are my posts satisfying the top digital dominators?’

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